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About Willamette Valley Hardy Plant Group
We are a nonprofit 501(c)(3) volunteer organization whose primary purpose is to educate the community about perennials, shrubs and other plants for use in the garden, share each others gardens and foster the love of gardening. The WVHPG has been active for more than 27 years and we are governed by an elected Board of Directors, all of whom are volunteers. They set policy and direct the overall running of the organization.

Our meetings and programs are held on the second Tuesday of the month, September through November, and January through May. See our Events page for a list of guest speakers at our up coming evening programs and information about other special events.

The WVHPG is the sponsor of the very popular Hardy Plant Sale held at the Lane County Events Center and Fairgrounds on the Saturday of Mother's Day Weekend.
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Join Us ~ Membership Information
Membership in the Willamette Valley Hardy Plant Group is open to all, and entitles you to the following:

~ Free admission to monthly speaker programs and meetings
~ Seminars and Workshops
~ Invitations to field trips and private garden tours for members and guests
~ Summer picnic and barbecue

The Willamette Valley Hardy Plant Group is the sponsor of the very popular Hardy Plant Sale held at the Lane County Events Center and Fairgrounds on the Saturday of Mother's Day Weekend. Volunteering at the plant sale is a great way to get to know your fellow members and help with our fundraising efforts.

Membership dues are $20 for the calendar year, or the bargain price of $35 for two calendar years, for up to a two-person household. The dues are due annually in January. Dues for new members paid after September 1st include the end of the current year, as well as the next year.

To obtain our membership form, click on the PDF link above to view, download or print the form. If you are unable to access our membership form, to join simply send a check of either $20 or $35 along with your name, mailing address, phone number and email address to: Willamette Valley Hardy Plant Group, PO Box 5942, Eugene OR 97405.
May 2019 List of Botanical Plant Samples
​Azalea – Unknown hybrid with deep pink, very double flowers
Babtisia australis - False indigo. Native to Missouri. Showy yellow flowers; robust; looks like a shrub, but 4’ tall herbaceous perennial
Calycanthus ‘Hartledge Wine’ - Spicebush. Hybrid between Chinese and East Coast species with showy large, wine-red petals, 6’ – 8’
Chusquea gigantea (syn.breviglumis) - Hardy, Western hemisphere bamboo from the Andes. Fine textured, clumping species, grows 30’ to 50’
Cistus ‘Gold Prize’ – Rock rose; variegated yellow/green leaves, white flowers. Drought tolerantant
Embothrium coccineum - Chilean fire tree. Scarlet flowers. Showy, evergreen tree from temperate forests in Chile and Argentina; Proteaceae familiy
Iris germanica – Bearded iris. Unknown cultivar with gold standards, wine falls, gold beards. “Planted by Grandma in 1921. Another heirloom from the farm in Iowa” – Carol Garringer
Iris germanica ‘Flavescens’ – Bearded iris. Old cultivar, from 1813! Pale yellow with hints of soft lavender on standards
Iris germanica ‘Mulled Wine’ – Bearded iris, from Schreiner’s. Deep wine falls and standards with orange beards
Iris germanica possibly ‘Alcazar’? - [1910] Bearded iris. Lavender and purple, gold beards. “Planted by my grandmother in 1921. One of the smells of my childhood. The scent reminds me of grape jelly” -Carol Garringer
Iris tectorum – Roof iris. Chinese species to 16”, blue flowers with stippling on falls
Magnolia hypoleuca (Syn. M.obovata) - Japanese cucumber tree, Japanese big-leaf magnolia. Large deciduous tree, very large leaves. Flowers are creamy white with red centers. Hardy to zone 6
Magnolia x watsonii = M. x wieseneri - Thought to have been a deliberate Japanese cross between M. sieboldii and M. obovata from at least the 19th Century. Multi-stemmed shrub to 20’, very fragrant 6”-8” ivory flowers with red stamens smell like pineapple.
Meliosma myriantha – Chinese shrub from 1980 Sino-American Botanical Expedition. Rugose bronze-green foliage with rosy/gray green undersides. Stunning foliage plant. Shrub 6’ to 8’.
Paeonia suffruticosa ‘Souvenir du Maxime Cornu’ – Tree peony, Soft yellow with orange picotee, becoming more orange with age; very double flowers 
Polygonatum odoratum – Solomon’s seal. 2’ herbaceous woodland perennial native to Europe with pendulous white flowers from leaf axils
Rosa ‘Alchymist’ - Eglantine hybrid from the 1950’s. Tall, arching growth, once blooming, thorny
Rosa ‘Catherine Mermet’ – Tea rose. Tall old tea rose from 1869; peachy-pink large, very double flowers
Rosa ‘Easy Going’ - Floribunda rose with peachy colored flowers
Rosa ‘Eden Rose’ – Climbing rose. Creamy flowers with pink edges. Blooms all summer
Rosa ‘Mme. Alfred Carriere’ 1879 – From Eugene Pioneer Cemetery; Old Tea Noisette climber with very fragrant, flouncy, creamy-white flowers showing some pale pink tones. Grown from a Cemetery cutting
Rosa ‘Othello’ - David Austin rose Deep pink, many petals, great scent!
Rosa cv. [maybe ‘Double Delight’?] – Bicolor, petals cream and light to darker pink. Should be fragrant, but exhibitor says “Stunning color but little scent”. [Maybe not as fragrant in the evening? Or, something else?]
Sisyrinchium striatum – Pale yellow flowers, 2’ Iris family perennial related to yellow eyed grass, native to Chile and Argentina

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